Hi, my name is Tim.

I see myself as a coach, first and foremost. I help people to live healthier lives . I view fitness as the first change that will kick-start more positive changes in someones life. I named my business Positive Shift because I believe this should be an uplifting process.

I have been working as a personal trainer since 2011. I feel so fortunate to have worked with some tremendous people in this time. I learned more in my first 4 years as a self employed personal trainer than doing a 4 year degree. Well, maybe not more information, but definitely more useful knowledge.

I am grateful that my role has evolved. I don’t spend nearly as much time teaching basic fitness anymore. I now have the opportunity to mentor and support staff that work with me. Together we are reaching many more people. Also, we are shooting videos and putting free content up online. While I am not a Youtube sensation that gets millions of views, it is tremendously rewarding to know that thousands of different people have viewed my videos and a few have left warm comments.

I have done continuing education related to rehabilitation and persistent pain. I find working with clients who have complex pain or chronic conditions to be very rewarding. I also find peoples experience of illness and pain to be very interesting.

I also get to work as an entrepreneur. Building a business and generating new ideas is a lot of fun. Recently, I have been working more and more on blogging and shooting videos.

Family time is something I value tremendously. If you are following my personal account, and not the Positive Shift accounts, there will be plenty of pictures of my family and our outdoor pursuits.