Mayne Island Personal Fitness Training and Rehabilitation Services

In Home Sessions

I can come to your house and bring equipment. In-home sessions are 60 minutes and cost $100.

Sessions at the Community Centre

I can use the Community Centre and the fitness equipment that is there. Sessions at the community centre are 45 minutes and cost $55.

Group Personal Training at the Community Centre

$20 for a 1 hour session. Available to people who have a program from Tim, or their physiotherapist. Go through your routine with Tim available to correct technique or make progressions to your program. Dates and Times to be announced.

About the Sessions

I don’t follow a set program. The exercise routine or treatments are based on your objectives.  Exercise is a big component and usually the primary focus. Similar to personal fitness training, we can go through exercises together. Also, I have training in several stretch and massage techniques. I use KT Tape, the colourful tape to help with performance or injury management.

Common Objectives

  1. Improved function and reduced pain associated with
    • Arthritis
    • Tendonitis
    • Tedonopathy
    • Bone and Joint Injuries
    • Persistent Pain/ Chronic Pain/ Complex Pain
  2. Strength Training (all ages and levels of ability welcome)
  3. Weight Management
  4. Social and Emotional improvements related to regular exercise.

Online Coaching and Program Design

I have a smart phone app that assists people in knowing what exercises to do and tracking their exercise, nutrition, goals and rest strategies. We can start online or it can help you stay on top of your program.

Burnaby Services

You can find details about my studio in Burnaby here:

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