Set Goals And Then Give Up?

When I think about goal setting, I can’t help but think about my own failures. I have been through so many different goal setting templates and worked through this problem with many clients, not to mention my personal experiences.

I just got a back from a lovely vacation. It was a great time to reflect on things that are working and some other things that need work. One thing that is working really well for me personally and many of my clients is the concept of “floor goals”.

What is a floor goal?

A floor goal, is the same as a super small goal. These are also called micro goals or micro wins. This is a fantastic way to kickstart a healthy behaviour. You set a very small goal that you will do daily. For example- one of mine is to do 10 push ups first thing in the morning.cropped-untitled-design-1.png

Some problems with SMART goals

Yes, it is in every personal trainers text book. Set smart goals S- specific M- measurable A- attainable R- relevant T- Time sensitive. Here are some reasons they break down.

  1. Setting goals is a fake accomplishment. Doesn’t it feel great to have a nice action plan put together? This is part of the problem. People feel a sense of accomplishment by writing down their goals or making a plan. Often, that reduces the amount of motivation to follow through and accomplish the goal.
  2. Time consuming- these types of goals work best when you write them out. It takes a fair amount of time to write it all out then figure out how you will measure it etc. Some people spend more time writing out the goals and measuring than actually following through on the plan.
  3.  The time frame- many people focus on the future. The only time for change is the here and now. It is the hourly and daily activities and feelings that produce results. If you are planning for weeks or months from now, it needs to be broken down into the activities and feelings happening right now.
  4. Schedule- is it in your schedule? Is it on your calendar? That is missing from SMART. Schedule and set reminders.

Why floor goals are better

  • The main reason I love floor goals is that they start to form a daily habit. As it becomes more routine it is easier to stay on track. This can be increased (upcoming post on ceiling goals) in the future if you need more of a challenge.
  • They are small enough that you actually feel incomplete by setting them. You need some follow through to get a sense of accomplishment.
  • Not time consuming- quick to set and quick to accomplish.
  • No excuses- true floor goals are so small that there is no excuse for not doing them daily.


Don’t give up or forget: set a powerful reminder

When you have a little floor goal set. It is important to set yourself up to follow through. I like powerful reminders.

Step 1- ask yourself “What is the point”?

Step 2- make that a question

Step 3- schedule that question to pop up right before it is time to crush your goal.

Step 4- Do the work


Step 1- What is the point of doing 10 minutes of cardio every day?

I want to be able to keep up with my wife and kids when they run ahead on the trail.

Step 2- make that a question

“Do I want to be able to keep up with my wife and kids when they run ahead on the trail?”

Step 3- Set an alarm on my phone to go off every night at 8pm. Change the name from alarm to “Do I want to be able to keep up with my wife and kids when they run ahead on the trail?”

Step 4- Every night at 8pm when the alarm goes off, crush 10 minutes of cardio. Too easy to say no.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear from you about micro goals you have that are working. Please leave a comment below.

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