Is Kinesiology Covered Under My Benefits?

People often ask if Kinesiology is covered under their benefits. Usually, it isn’t covered in BC.

Is Kinesiology Covered Under My Benefits?

In Ontario Kinesiology is covered. Many people use extended health care benefits to cover kinesiology sessions. Hopefully BC will be there soon. Unfortunately, most people need to pay privately to see a Kinesiologist in BC.


Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determines which medical services are eligible for federal income tax credit. Currently the only province in which kinesiology services are authorized for a medical expense tax credit is Ontario. Kinesiology services provided in BC can not be claimed for federal income tax credit.

For additional information please see the CRA website.


ICBC funds kinesiology for people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents. Kinesiologists will also work with Worksafe BC inside a large clinical program. Also, Kinesiologists have public sector jobs inside hospitals.

You can write your MLA

Kinesiologist provide treatments and exercises that are effective, evidence based, and costs less than many alternatives. It is not a priority of our provincial government to discuss this or regulate this profession. You could email or phone your local MLA and encourage them to consider it or share your success story about working with a kinesiologist.

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