My Heart Rate And Oxygen Saturation While Doing Wim Hof Breathing

I decided to do a little test. Here is what happened

I took Wim Hof’s 10 week video course last year. I have kept up the cold showers and tried a few different breathing practices. I was so curious what would happen to my resting heart rate and oxygen saturation while doing the breathing. So here is the test.


More on my experiences with the Wim Hof Method and Cold Adaptation


What is Heart Rate

Heart rate is the number of times that your heart beats. I am using the units beats per minute here. It is rough indicator of level of exertion. Your heart rate goes up as you run/lift weights or do something strenuous. If you relax, you will likely see a drop.

What is Oxygen Saturation

How oxygenated your tissues are. Significant drops indicate danger. Wim Hof talks about how much oxygen is in your tissues so I wanted to give it a test. Please note, this is a pretty simple low cost testing tool.

Testing tool

I use a pulse oximeter in the video. It is a pretty simple tool. There are better tools for testing that I don’t have. Be aware that the numbers are being tested with not the best tech. If you see the heart rate bounce around or cut in and out, that is why.

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